Are We Already Living in the Apocalypse?

We may already be living in apocalyptic times, we just choose not to see it.

Are we already living in the Apocalypse? Consider for a moment how we behave on an individual level: waiting until the last minute to finish homework, smoking cigarettes when we know they can kill us, only acting on it once we get ill, eating food we know makes us sick. So too do we behave this way on a societal level—building the Keystone XL pipeline from the Alberta Tar Sands to Texas refineries, even though it will have devastating effects on the environment, and us. Cleaning up the BP oil spill with dispersants that make the water look clean, but that have drastic effects on fragile ecosystems. The list goes on.

Don’t look to Hollywood for guidance, as they’re notorious for misconstruing indigenous prophecies (2012, the movie). Mayans are probably pissed because their prophecy was never about the end of the world, but the end of an old calendar and the beginning of a new one – a human transformation. And they never stated that it would happen in one day or a week, but a few years, maybe even decades. So if you think about the apocalypse happening over a span of a few years or decades, have we already begun our journey to towards some kind of societal collapse, and/or transformation?

Think about how carried away humanity’s gotten in the past century. Take a look at the main political/societal/environmental events that happened in the past year, place them side by side, and be baffled. Notice how tense everything has gotten—and it gets more intense every year. Recessions, corruptions, natural disasters, mass extinctions, revolutions, wars, conflicts, overpopulation, running out of fresh water, depletion of energy resources, the list is endless.

Some people will try and make a case for how much more connected we are than ever before; we get news at lightning speed, in more abundance than ever before, and so it only feels as if more is happening. And I’m very familiar with the excuses, “every generation’s worried like this and nothing’s happened,” or, “what can you do about it? Nothing. Life will go on.”

Much like as individuals we sometimes find ourselves in denial and not willing to accept the truth. So too does this complex afflict the collective. We are living in widespread, societal denial and don’t want to accept the truth, the reality of where we find ourselves. We continue living in our bubbles of overconsumption and unsustainability, and only once shit really hits the fan, will we act, but for now, “YAYYYYYYY!”

What’s interesting is that the meaning of the word apocalypse, is ‘the revealing of truth’. And the truth has been revealed. Obama has shown us that one man has no power in a corporate-driven society. The 2008 recession has shown us the corruption, greed, and deceit that rules our economic system, and even Wikileaks is constantly revealing the truth about the dirt that goes on behind closed doors. The truth has never been so close to us. You can literally find everything you want to know on your iphone, while waiting for the bus. If there is so much truth surrounding us, are we living in a time of ‘the revealing of truth’, the apocalypse? Are we choosing to look the other way for personal reasons? Do we feel as if we can’t bring change? Are we waiting until the last minute before we act? Hope is not enough anymore, it’s time we do something about it.

(Original image by Edy Legrand).