Off With His Head!

Severing the head of the ego god: Wall Street

John Perkins tells us of a Mayan prophecy that describes a time when a king who represents ego, and greed and exploitation, would have his head cut off by the hero twins; who represent the humans. He would then be replaced by a leader characterized by cooperation, compassion, and sustainability, and this would lead to a new era of humanity. It’s a prophecy that’s seldom discussed in light of more ‘exciting thoughts’ like a worldwide tidal wave in 2012, or some other unspeakable disaster coinciding with the supposed end of calendar, that’s actually grossly misunderstood.

The Arab Spring showed the rest of the world just how tense things are starting to get in our world today, and how aggressively people are beginning to challenge the ‘ego gods’ in place. And it’s only the beginning. Through ongoing broadcasts and online trends covering the protests, many people in the west started asking themselves when ourrevolution was coming. When were we going to step out in to the streets and challenge our ego gods?

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET can be seen as just that. A challenge to the greediest god of all: Wall Street. It represents a long overdue call to Americans and citizens around the world, to flood their cities’ financial districts—and not just flood them with protests and marked signs—but occupy them. Live there, sleep there, until the job is done. And for as long as it takes.

Starting September 17, Adbusters called on 20,000 people to “flood lower Manhatten, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat our one simple demand until Barack Obama capitulates.”

That demand? To disassemble the Corporatocracy that runs our world, and in other words, perhaps, to sever the head of that ego god as the Mayans prophesize, so it could be replaced by a more compassionate one; one that isn’t ruled by greed and corruption. But they begin with one simple request: “…a presidential commission to separate money from politics—we start setting the agenda for a new America.” (Adbusters)

Some other worthy solutions being demanded? Things like the Robin Hood tax; a tax on the financial sectors for the purpose of raising billions each year globally to fund things like schools, child poverty, climate change, and so on, and bringing those responsible for the 2008 recession to proper justice.

So far, 5,000 Americans have occupied the financial district of Lower Manhattan, and continue to do so. They’ve been challenged, pushed away and some have been hurt and arrested for no good reason, but according to Adbusters, 300 people spent the first night, and aren’t planning on leaving any time soon. Yesterday, Adbusters published a call for reinforcements.

But if you can’t make it to New York to heed the call, you can also join some of the other participating occupations around the world; San Francisco (#OCCUPYFDSF), Madison (#TakeTheSquareWI), and LA (#usdorLosA), Toronto, Canada (#OCCUPYBAYSTREET), Madrid and Valencia in Spain (#TOMALABOLSA), London, UK (#OCCUPYBANKOFENGLAND)), Lisbon, Portugal, Athens, Greece, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Algiers, Algeria, Tel Aviv, Israel (#ANTIBANKS), Sydney, Australia (#OCCUPYMARTINPLACE), Stuttgart, Germany (#OCCUPYBORSENSTRASSE), Tokyo, Japan (#OCCUPYMARUNOUCHI), and Milan, Italy (#OCCUPYPAZIONEPIAZZAAFFARI).

Also be sure to check out the ongoing live stream of the occupation, Monday’s informative broadcast on Democracy Now, this awesome article by Amy Goodman endorsing the protest, and keep an eye on the campaign page.

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  • sirjefferson, September 26, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    correction: “[…] by speaking of ‘ego(ism)’ in general, amounts to the […]”

  • sirjefferson, September 26, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    i find this concept of ‘ego(ism)’ misleading and disgusting
    everyone of us – automatically, as a logical necessity based upon wanting anything at all – wants to do and to get what he wants, and as much as possible – even if someone wants to sacrifice himself for the sake of someone else, it’s a value he set for himself, i.e. egoistical – I do of course not mean to declare this to be the same as causing massive problems to others just to get e.g. more property (which is of course an evil thing to do), but mean to point out that what you are doing, by speaking of ‘ego(ism)’ in amounts demonization of the will itself, instead demanding and glorifying submission to universally authoritarian principles, about which you suppose people to feel guilty and ashamed if they do not meet them