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Driven by a lust for infinite economic growth on a planet of finite resources, our way of life is coursing toward catastrophe. But the danger is largely masked. In a highly mediated world where swelling numbers of people spend more time in front of screens than they do with other people, or in nature, our reckless pursuit of wealth has had disastrous consequences for the future of humanity.

Potent voices from all corners of the globe increasingly warn that even if you are lucky enough to find short-term shelter amidst our sundered society on an increasingly exhausted, discordant planet, you will not easily survive amidst social collapse, mass extinctions and human suffering.

Ignorance is bliss. But it is becoming extremely dangerous.

No matter how comfortable you are, no matter how much money you’ve got, no matter how privileged your perch, the threat of the coming collapse is acutely personal.

Instead of building walls of concrete and technology to mask growing social and environmental decline, we must seek a new accord with nature and with the rest of humanity, especially those outside the golden circle of rich nations. We must shift our worldview to accept the reality of our social and ecological ruptures – and acknowledge our collective identity crises.

Thought leaders, intellectuals, and the wise around the world have unanimously diagnosed our way of life with a terminal illness. The disease is ignorance. The symptom is social and environmental collapse. And the remedy is wisdom:

Wisdom that evolved into a canon of responsible codes of conduct fertilized our prosperity within nature for centuries. But many of those ideas have been erased. Could regaining this wisdom, which nurtured us for millennia, save us from the coming collapse?

To answer these questions, we must find guides capable of mining the time before we turned against nature and ourselves. These are the thinkers who have diagnosed our plight. With them, we will seek the path to re-engaging the inherent wisdom that led humanity to prosperity, and to our title of Homo Sapien – The Wise Being.