Penn Badgley on Occupy Wall Street


While filming in New York in October of last year, we did a short interview with actor Penn Badgley (best known for his role on the popular show, Gossip Girl). He had some wise words about the movement, along with a couple of other protestors at the scene whom we spoke to as well!

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Don’t Just Buy Less. Buy Nothing.

This holiday season, try something new for your shopping list. Buy nothing.


Holiday shopping is out of control. With Black Friday kick-starting the mayhem during America’s thanksgiving weekend, holiday sales and aggressive marketing campaigns lasting throughout the entire month of December, and post-holiday Boxing Day sales continuing for weeks afterwards, the consumer industry has managed to create one of the largest, the most aggressive, and lengthy shopping […]

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Naomi Klein’s Thought Bubble: Ethical Oil?


Naomi Klein’s Thought Bubble: Ethical Oil? from ThoughtBubbler on Vimeo. Check out this Thought Bubble from Smart Bubble Society on the true lack of wisdom inherent in Canada’s Tar Sands.

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Which Do You Know: Bieber’s Favourite Colour? Or Your MPP?

A radio announcer recently claimed that more eligible voters know Justin Bieber’s favourite colour than the name of their MPP. Is he right? By Megan Powell


Shortly after our most recent provincial election, I heard a disturbing fact on the radio. The announcer claimed that more eligible voters know Justin Bieber’s favourite colour than the name of their MPP. Whether or not this is actually accurate, the idea that this is quite probable is very concerning. It got me wondering: How […]

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Amy Goodman Explains Why Media Ridicules #OccupyWallStreet (Charlie Rose)

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Amy Goodman explains why the mainstream media ridicules the OccupyWallStreet movement.


See the full interview with Amy Goodman here.

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From KillCap to WikiSwarms, by Micah White

Welcome to the thrilling world of WikiSwarms, the culture jammer game being played right now in which the future of the Earth is at stake. By Micah White


Guy Debord, the maverick Situationist philosopher, practiced living as if it were a game because he theorized that doing so could spark a revolutionary upheaval. “The sole thrilling direction remains the fragmentary search for a new way of life” beginning with “systematic provocation” that transforms existence into a “integral, thrilling game,” a twenty-four year old […]

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