Amy Goodman Explains Why Media Ridicules #OccupyWallStreet (Charlie Rose)

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Amy Goodman explains why the mainstream media ridicules the OccupyWallStreet movement.


See the full interview with Amy Goodman here.

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Bahrain and American Arms Sales

How America denounces human rights offending nations, then sells them weapons. By Kyle Boulden


The recent “Arab Spring” has seen sweeping political changes across the Middle East, with governments toppled and democratic movements gaining more and more momentum. This revolution has not been without bloodshed however, as corrupt dictators and governments struggle to retain their grip on power. Bahrain was one such country, where protestors demanding greater political, social, […]

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Chris Hedges shuts down Kevin O’Leary

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In an interview with Chris Hedges about the #OccupyWallStreet protests, Kevin O’Leary snaps and calls Hedges a “left-wing nutbar.” Hedges retaliates, comparing CBC to Fox News, and stating he’ll never interview with them again. Well done.

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Putting Our Culture’s Decadence in Check

How we traded in our wisdom for mindless luxury.


Our culture’s lack of wisdom is pulling us further and further away from the consequences of our way of life. We watch television and advertisements that tell us to live an increasingly decadent lifestyle and we happily oblige, indulging in harmful behavior and plundering the planet, covering our ears and eyes when we hear of […]

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Are We Already Living in the Apocalypse?

We may already be living in apocalyptic times, we just choose not to see it.


Are we already living in the Apocalypse? Consider for a moment how we behave on an individual level: waiting until the last minute to finish homework, smoking cigarettes when we know they can kill us, only acting on it once we get ill, eating food we know makes us sick. So too do we behave […]

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