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Are We Already Living in the Apocalypse?

We may already be living in apocalyptic times, we just choose not to see it.


Are we already living in the Apocalypse? Consider for a moment how we behave on an individual level: waiting until the last minute to finish homework, smoking cigarettes when we know they can kill us, only acting on it once we get ill, eating food we know makes us sick. …

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The Difference Between Wisdom and Intellect

Comparing intellect to wisdom; the true form of intellect.


Throughout our research on Wisdom for the film, we often asked ourselves, what is the difference between Wisdom and intellect (and we capitalize the word Wisdom purposely here)? The answer—at first—was difficult to find. Intellect is often misunderstood as a measurement of one’s intelligence, but it’s better defined as the ability …

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Moving Towards Sapience

Embracing Indigenous Knowledge as a way forward.


In looking for an elective to fill my university schedule this year, my curiosity was most piqued by the idea of a women’s studies minor. I can say most people who I shared this with rolled their eyes or made a joke, but I tried to assure them (not always …

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From KillCap to WikiSwarms, by Micah White

Welcome to the thrilling world of WikiSwarms, the culture jammer game being played right now in which the future of the Earth is at stake. By Micah White


Guy Debord, the maverick Situationist philosopher, practiced living as if it were a game because he theorized that doing so could spark a revolutionary upheaval. "The sole thrilling direction remains the fragmentary search for a new way of life" beginning with "systematic provocation" that transforms existence into a "integral, thrilling …

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