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Putting Our Culture’s Decadence in Check

How we traded in our wisdom for mindless luxury.

Our culture’s lack of wisdom is pulling us further and further away from the consequences of our way of life. We watch television and advertisements that tell us to live an increasingly decadent lifestyle and we happily oblige, indulging in harmful behavior and plundering the planet, covering our ears and eyes when we hear of […]

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The Difference Between Wisdom and Intellect

Comparing intellect to wisdom; the true form of intellect.

Throughout our research on Wisdom for the film, we often asked ourselves, what is the difference between Wisdom and intellect (and we capitalize the word Wisdom purposely here)? The answer—at first—was difficult to find. Intellect is often misunderstood as a measurement of one’s intelligence, but it’s better defined as the ability to express one’s intelligence and […]

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Moving Towards Sapience

Embracing Indigenous Knowledge as a way forward.

In looking for an elective to fill my university schedule this year, my curiosity was most piqued by the idea of a women’s studies minor. I can say most people who I shared this with rolled their eyes or made a joke, but I tried to assure them (not always calmly) that the women’s studies […]

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